Circuit training is by no means a new idea. Long before aerobics, step and aqua-aerobics became popular, circuit training was used as a means of getting fit or maintaining fitness. During the 80’s, circuit training was used as a valuable training tool by sports coaches for improving athletic performance. These were geared towards improving strength, speed and explosive power, and so tended to involve a lot of jumping, throwing and running.

Circuit Training
What Do We Mean By Circuit Training… It does not necessarily involve, as some people assume, high intensity exercise. It is a system of exercising in which each person works at his or her own pace at a predetermined number of stations or exercises for a set period of time. Each individual can work at a level of intensity suited to them.

The best part about circuit training is that everyone can benefit from it. The only restrictions are the fitness level of the participants, the space available, and the imagination of the instructor.